The Blackthorn Society is an exclusive sanctuary for those who seek the pinnacle of immersive gaming experiences. As a private, members-only club, we offer a unique and intimate space where like-minded adventurers gather to embark on epic quests, craft unforgettable stories, and share in the joy of our extraordinary tabletop role-playing world. Below is our Code of Conduct, the unwavering principles in this realm of boundless imagination.

Article I: Commitment and Devotion

  • Pledge to The Blackthorn Society: We pledge our unwavering dedication to The Blackthorn Society, a fellowship forged in the fires of shared imagination and adventure.
  • Unwavering Bond: Our loyalty to fellow members and the Society itself is unyielding. Discretion and confidentiality are the cornerstones of our realm.

Article II: Immersion and Storytelling

  • Embrace the Immersion: We immerse ourselves fully in the worlds we create and explore. Imagination knows no bounds within the realms of our tabletop adventures.
  • Gatekeeper of Legends: Our tales are treasures, and we safeguard them as such. Treat fellow members' stories with the reverence they deserve.

Article III: Endless Adventure

  • Unceasing Quests: Our adventures are never-ending, each session a portal to new realms and narratives. The spirit of exploration drives us forward.
  • Guardians of Imagination: In the boundless realms of tabletop role-playing, we find our purpose. Our stories are our legacy, and within them, we discover the enduring joy and fellowship of The Blackthorn Society.

Article IV: Collaboration and Cooperation

  • Collaborative Storytelling: Our adventures are co-authored journeys of mystery and discovery. Collaborate with fellow members to craft engaging and dynamic narratives.
  • Mutual Assistance: Offer assistance and guidance when needed, fostering an environment of cooperative storytelling and shared growth among the fellowship.

Article V: Respect and Accountability

  • Honor Your Oath: Respect for fellow members is non-negotiable. Differences in style and interpretation should not lead to disrespect or division.
  • Personal Accountability: Each member is accountable for their own actions and conduct within The Blackthorn Society. Violations of this Code shall lead to severe consequences.

Article VI: Resolution of Conflicts

  • Conflict Resolution: Disputes among members shall be presented before the High Table, the ultimate authority within The Blackthorn Society. Members must adhere to the decisions made by the High Table with respect and obedience.
  • Adventurer Integrity: Members who persistently disrupt the harmony of our fellowship may face revocation of privileges, suspension or dismissal. Their actions threaten the unity and integrity of our Society and shall not be tolerated. In severe cases, violators shall be decreed excommunicado by the High Table.